3ds Max for Architects

Render, lighting and animation of, Architectural Projects

Render, lighting and animation focused in interior design, architectural and civil projects.
3ds Max help architects to get a deeper understanding of how projects work before they’re built, it also enables them to create a deeper emotional impact with photorealistic renderings.
Directed Towards:
Toward to Architects, Civil engineers, Interior designers, landscape designers, stage designers and students in related careers

General Objectives:
Be able to make images and animations that allow clear visualization of internal spaces and exterior views of architectural projects.

Specific Objectives:
You will learn to use 3ds Max Design to create photo-realistic renderings and animations. You'll learn Render and lighting techniques. You will import 3D models developed in AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor or raised in 3ds Max.

Course length:
30 hours
5 students
A working knowledge of AutoCAD 3D
US$ 740
Special Price: $480

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