Civil 3D Road Design

advanced elements of road design

Civil 3D is an engineering application used by civil engineers and other professionals to plan, design, and manage road design projects. Civil 3D offers a familiar and compatible AutoCAD design environment.
Use Civil 3D to create alignments, profiles and corridors, fit it together in a complete road-design model, establish the path of the road, specify elevations, cross-sectional elements and design intersections.
In Civil 3D, changes to drafting and annotation are automatically reflected throughout the model for quick and efficient visualizations as you make design changes at any stage of the process. Use intelligent 3D models, multiple layouts, view frames, plan and profile views, real-time information and 3D models.
This course is designed for City planners, Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Civil Designers, Architects, and others involved in the construction industry.

General Objectives:
In this course the participant is instructed in the digital definition of alignments, profiles, cross sections and other advanced elements of road design.

Specific Objectives:
Starting from a Digital Terrain Model, it defines alignments, existing ground profile, proposed profile, cross sections, road surface, and other advanced topics like intersections and material quantifications.

Course length:
30 hours
5 students
2D AutoCAD.
Civil 3D-Basic-Intermediate
US$ 890

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