Revit Structure Course

Drawing and Management of civil structure projects

Revit Structure is a BIM software that help you in a parametric modeling environment to design steel and concrete structures. Revit offer an integral system to design in association with architecture and engineering teams.

Specific Objectives:
The goal is to teach the student to create, modify, analyze and document their structural parametric model. The student will learn how to create levels, work with walls, sections, elevations and create floor framing, roofs, steel frames, foundation slabs, footings, grade beams and stairs. The students will learn to prepare and use analytical models that content information of Structural Columns, Structural Framing elements (such as beams and braces), Structural Floors, Structural Walls, and Structural Foundation elements.

Course length:
30 hours
5 students
A working knowledge of Windows
US$ 790

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