Revit Construction Documents

Course Description

The course is structured for students with solid basic Revit knowledge willing to develop more in-depth skills and understanding of the software to produce architectural and construction documentation.

Through a process of developing a real-life construction project, the student will experience how to set up the project to put together a virtual building and its components,

while producing the standard working drawings, details, schedules and presentation following the construction industry standards.

At the end of the course the student is expected to have knowledge to set up the project for startup, set up of the system families and understanding of 3D modeling towards documentation, setting up and understanding of annotation families and 2D detailing and production of organized set of construction drawings of a real project



Some of the Topics include:
Basic concepts
Setting up of Object Styles, Materials, Lines, Fill Patterns.
Visibility Graphics
Global Setting
Annotating the Model
Detailing and Drafting Views
System families set up
Windows, doors and finish schedules
Sheet creation and organization.


Course length:
30 hours
6 students
A course designed for users who have learnt the basics of Revit
US$ 790
US$ 480

List Price:
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20 years of teaching experience dedicated to Autodesk software.

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Courses are given in English and Spanish

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